Dr Harsha P Panchal
Professor in-charge of Department of Clinical Trial Services Full time Professor of Medical Oncology

Email : harsha.panchal@gcriindia.org

Qualification : M.D., D.M. (Medical Oncology)
Designation : Professor & Chief of Medical Oncology Dept.
Specialization : Medical and Pediatric Hemato-oncology

Academic Achievements:
Awards& Achievements:
TRU visit for YMO at Oxford University - February 2005
YMO master class and ESMO young scientist award at ESMO - September 2006
IDEA Award at ASCO - May 2003

Main Author » State Level - 1, National Level - 3, International - 3
Guiding or Co author » State Level - 3, National Level - 6

ICH- GCP training annually
Cleared CCC+ examination in September 2014

Area of Interest:
Education for D.M. residents
Management of Ca breast in
Tumor specific Board for better patient management