Dr. Jayesh D. Patel

Email : jayesh.patel@gcriindia.org

Qualification : MBBS, MS, MCh, PGDHRM, PGCHM

Academic Achievements:
1.‘Pectoralis major myocutaneous flap for oral and oropharyngeal defect’ i. Presented at 51st Annual Conference of Association of Surgeons of ii. India iii. Hyderabad, 1990; 463 2. ‘Preliminary experience with Substernal route for esophageal substitute’ i. Presented at Annual State Chapter Conference of ASICON 91 ii. Ahmedabad 3. ‘Complications of Pectoralis major myocutaneous flap in Head & Neck reconstruction’ Presented at 5th National cancer Congress, Madras 4. ‘P. M. Myocutaneous flap - An analysis of 108 cases’ 5. ‘Reconstructive options for buccal mucosal defect’ i. Presented at XIX Annual Conference of Gujarat Chapter of ii. Association of Surgeons of India (GUJASICON) 1992, Patan 6. ‘236 cases of penile cancer - Experience of Regional cancer Centre’ 7. ‘Parotid tumor & facial nerve- Are they separable?’ i. Presented at GUJASICON-91, Ahmedabad 8. ‘Osteosarcoma of jaw bones – 10 years study’ i. Presented at Asia Pacific Cancer Congress, Chennai, 1999 9. ‘Lipoma of the hypo pharynx – a case report’ i. Presented at Asia Pacific Cancer Congress, Chennai, 1999 10. Paper presented at 7th Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research centre entitled ‘Near total laryngectomy – A western Indian experience’ during march 11 – 13, 2005 11. “A study of 38 cases of Anorectal melanoma “paper presented at IASO Kodaicanal. 12 “Near Total Laryngectomy 25 cases single institutional Experience IASO Kodaicanal 2005. 13 Results of Total Mesorectal Excision for Carcinoma rectum IASO 2006 14 Comparison of results of D1 versus D2 dissection for Gastric cancer Varanasi 2006. 15 Study of Role of sentinel lymph node biopsy in Head and Neck cancer IASO 2006. 16 Guest speaker “Recent advances in Head & Neck Cancer at AROI (Rajasthan. Chapter May 2007) 17 POSTER Presentation Squamous cell carcinoma Left GB Sulcus with AMAZIA –A rare case of POLAND SYNDROME 18 Moderator panel discussion ICC 2013 New Delhi Small Intestinal Carcinoid 19 Indore Cancercon 2013 17th December guest speaker “Optimum management of neck node(No) in oral cancer” 20 Ahmedabad OB society 2013 Panelist Thyroid disorder and Pregnancy 21 AOGS Gynecological Cancer What to do after surgery 2013 22. Panel speaker “Neck node metastasis” ASICON December2014 Hydrabad

‘Chest wall reconstruction’ GMJ I.M.A .G.S.B ISSN 0971-0342.
Management of Lung cancer and mesothelioma: Surgeon’s perspective GMJ I.M.A .G.S.B ISSN 0971-0342 Vol 3 Issue-7 July 2008.
Squamoue cell carcinoma of lower lip in very young brother of xeroderma pigmentosa Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery ISSN: 0970-0358, July-December, 2007 Vol.40, Issue 2 Case Report

Endoscopy Training Fellowship for the year 1990 by Society of Gastro-intestinal Endoscopy of India Trained in Diagnostic & Therapeutic G. I. Endoscopy Under guidance of Dr. Shanti Swaroop at Tata Memorial Hospital, Bombay
‘Minimum Invasive Surgery’ under guidance of Dr. Pradip Choubey at Sir Gang Ram Hospital, New Delhi, for 2 weeks
J & J Ethicon Training Centre, Mumbai
Basic Edo surgery Knotting Technique Advance Laparoscopic surgery training Endo stapler application training Laparoscopic colorectal surgery Laparoscopic knotting & suturing

Area of Interest: