Dr. Trupti Trivedi
Senior Scientific Officer & In-charge

Email : trupti.trivedi@gcriindia.org

Qualification : M. Sc. & Ph. D. (Life Science)
Designation : Senior Scientific Officer & In-charge, Clinical Carcinogenesis, Lab-3
Specialization : Cancer Biology
Experience (in yrs.) : 23 years

Academic Achievements:
Faculty and guiding teacher in M Sc Cancer Biology course, GCRI.

Awards& Achievements:
Dr. T B Patel Gold Award for Best Paper


Research Projects: N=22

Internal NABL Audit Training “Refresher Training Programme for gap analysis between ISO15189 2007 and ISO15189 2012” was held at Indian Red Cross Society, Ahmedabad from June, 28-29 2014.

Area of Interest:
Elucidation of potential Cancer Stem Cell Markers and MicroRNAs from the non-invasive Liquid Biopsy (cell-free circulating DNA) specimens of patients with Oral Carcinoma Glioma tumors.
Exploration of Genomic landscaping of Gliomagenesis to establish panel of Molecular Markers for differentiation of Glioma subtypes and appropriate tailored treatment.
Understanding of treatment resistance Molecular Mechanisms for patients with Head and Neck Cancer and Neuroglioma Tumors.
Molecular Signature to explore novel biomarkers for prediction of early recurrence for node negative early stage OSCC patients.
SNPs Scan of DNA Damage Repair pathway genes for the screening of high risk population for oral cancer and prediction of relapse, treatment response and prognosis of OSCC patients.
Characterization of cross-talk mechanism of signaling pathways of EGFR-Stat3-Src-Survivin, with Notch and DNA Damage Repair pathways for co-targeted therapeutic approach for head and neck cancer.