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Academic Staff
Dr. Jayshree M. Thakkar
Professor & Head
Dr. Dipika P. Patel
Associate Professor
Dr. Nita D. Gosai
Associate Professor
Dr. Damini S. Makwana
Associate Professor
Dr. Leena P. Patel
Associate Professor
Dr. Kinna G. Shah
Assistant Professor
Dr. Bijal M. Shah
Assistant Professor
Dr. Priti M. Patel
Assistant Professor
Dr. Madhuri A. Bhade
Assistant Professor
Dr. Rekha N. Solanki
Assistant Professor
Dr. Misha Agrawal
Assistant Professor
Dr. Tanmay V. Tank
Assistant Professor
Dr. Kinjal Kalrav Mistry
Adhoc Assistant Professor
Dr. Dave Drishti
Assistant Professor
Dr. Jenis C. Patel
Junior Lecturer (Adhoc)
Dr. Amita H. Jansari
Junior Lecturer (Adhoc)
Contact Details
Department of Anesthesiology

Direct :
079-22688000 ; 079-22690000


Services :

The services of department of anaesthesia are spread throughout the hospital. Expertise of anaesthesiologists are not only required in giving anaesthesia or monitored anaesthesia, but plays an important role in peri-operative care, pain management, case of ICU patients, emergencies and resuscitations and central venous access. Neuro-Onco-Anaesthesia is a Superspeciality, which has well established Anaesthesia services.

Cancer Pain Management, which requires intervention are treated by anaesthesiologists. We have well established set up for anaesthesia, advanced monitoring, airway management and ventilatory support for critically ill patients. Anaesthesia services are integrated part of each and every departments of institute.

Educational Activities :

Every second Saturday, a lecture on 'Learn CPR, Save Life' for all resident doctors, faculties and nursing staff of GCRI was organised by Dr. Kinna Shah, Dr. Jayshree Thakkar and Dr. Geeta Joshi.

OPD Information

NABH Certified

Accredited for NABH

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