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Community Oncology & Medical Records
Academic Staff
Dr. Janmesh P. Shah
Assistant Professor
Dr. Anand G. Shah
Assistant Professor
Dr. Rohini Patel
Medical Officer
Mr. Himanshu Patel
Statistical Assistant
Mr. Jayesh Solanki
Statistical Assistant
Contact Details
Department of Community Oncology
(Room No.    )

Direct : 91-79-2268 8081
Fax : 91-79- 2268 5490


Services :

Activities :

The department works largely in three different areas. (a) Cancer Registry Programme (b) Cancer Control Programme and (c) Cancer Epidemiology

(a) Cancer Registry Programme:

Cancer registry plays a major role in ensuring good quality cancer data which can be helpful in cancer care, planning of health service and cancer control programmes. The department has been maintaining both hospital based cancer registry and population based cancer registry.
Hospital Based Cancer Registry: The hospital based cancer registry has been functioning since long. It is initiated and run by the institute as per the standards and norms prescribed by the National Cancer Registry Programme (NCRP) of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).
Population Based Cancer Registry: In collaboration with National Cancer Registry Programme (NCRP), ICMR, department is working on two research projects for population based cancer registries.
1. Rural Cancer Registry Ahmedabad district Project: It was started from 1 January 2004 with the objective of assessing the magnitude and types of cancers in Ahmedabad Rural Areas and to calculate estimate of cancer incidence in Ahmedabad District. Activities: Report for the year 2011 is ready to publish. Collection and compilation of cancer data for the year 2012 has been completed. Work for the year 2013 is in progress.
2. Population Based Cancer Registry Ahmedabad Urban Agglomeration Area: It was started from the year 2007 with the objective of assessing the magnitude and types of cancers in Ahmedabad city and to calculate estimate of cancer incidence in Ahmedabad Urban Area.
Activities: Collection and compilation of cancer data for the year 2011 has been completed. Work for the year 2012 and 2013 is in progress.

(b) Cancer Control Programme:

The department runs cancer control programme as per the aim and objectives laid down by National Cancer Control Programme, Government of India. The department organises various cancer awareness and detection camps for primary prevention of cancers by health education especially hazards of tobacco consumption and necessity of genital hygiene for prevention of cervical cancers and secondary prevention i.e. early detection and diagnosis of cancers.

Cancer Awareness Camps:
The department organises cancer awareness camps with the objectives of promoting awareness about the risks of common cancers and their curability if detected early in the community. During these camps, knowledge on cancer like its causes and natural history, warning signs and symptoms of cancer are explained to the visitors. Self-examination methods are emphasized particularly of oral cavity with need for quitting tobacco. Method of breast self-examination is also propagated among women visitors. Awareness about cancer is created by distribution of publicity material like pamphlets, posters, flip charts, exhibition and audio-visual programmes. In a year, 3 education camps (Cancer Exhibition) were organized and 300 individuals visited the exhibition.
Cancer Detection Camps: Department involves in arrangement of cancer detection camps at various places in Gujarat. The objectives of the detection camps are to detect cancers in their early stage especially oral cancers in men, and breast and cervical cancers in women. Suspicious cases were referred to GCRI for further diagnostic and therapeutic care.
In a year, 31 cancer detection camps were organized in Gujarat State and screened 1897 individuals and 33 suspicious cases referred to GCRI.
Mobile Cancer Screening Van (Sanjeevani Rath) Camps: A high tech cancer screening mobile van (Sanjeevani Rath) was launched in the year 2009 to detect the cancer patients in their early stages of the ailment, especially in rural areas. The expert team identifies suspected cases of possible cancer and if needed, refers them to GCRI for further evaluation. This mobile cancer screening van is equipped with advanced mammography and sonography machine which are very useful to detect breast cancer - the most common cancer found in women in their very early stage.
A total of 6 mobile cancer screening van (Sanjeevani Rath) camps were organized in various place of Gujarat state and screened 277 individuals and 26 suspicious cases referred to GCRI during the year 2013. Following table shows summary report of Sanjeevani Rath camp activities.
Siddhpur Cancer Care Centre OPD A total of 120 OPD days at Siddhpur screened 632 individuals and 291 suspicious cases referred to GCRI during the year 2013.
Cancer Awareness Activities at Community Level: Department is taking active participation in celebration of different days like World No Tobacco Day, World Cancer Day, National Cancer Awareness Day, Kite Flying Day, Holi, etc. The objectives of these celebrations are : ii) To create awareness about cancer among common people ii) To motivate people about screening of common cancers (Oral, Breast and Cervix) iii) To sensitize people against tobacco hazards.

(c ) Cancer Epidemiology:

Department helps Doctors and Researchers for Statistical Analysis of their studies. It provides various data to the Doctors and Researchers for their dissertation / research work. Department also provides various statistical data and reports to the Administration and Government as and when required. During the year 2013, 47 GCRI staff requested for data retrieval and 14 GCRI staff was assisted for their Statistical Analysis work.

Research Activities :

Department has two research projects.
HPV Vaccine Project: GCRI is a collaborative research centre with International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), Lyon, France, and working on a project entitled Effectiveness and safety of 2 Vs 3 doses of HPV vaccine in preventing cervical: An Indian multicentre randomized trial.
INDOX Project: GCRI is one of the participating centres for INDOX case control consortium study for breast cancer and colorectal cancers in India.
Meeting organized: The Ahmedabad Cancer Registry Advisory Committee (ACRAC) Meeting was organised on October 15, 2013.


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