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Palliative Medicine
Academic Staff
Dr. Bhavna C. Patel
Associate Professor (Adhoc)
Contact Details

Department of Palliative Medicine

Direct :

079-22688000 ; 079-22690000

Helpline: +91 92279 00493


Services :

Department of Palliative Medicine was established in Oct 2010. Pain management and Palliative care are essential components of comprehensive cancer care. Department of palliative Medicine, GCRI is highly structured department for delivery of care to patient with cancer from diagnosis to death and then into bereavement care for the family. It is an interdisciplinary, multi-dimensional team, comprising doctors, nurses, counsellor, physiotherapist, nutritionist, social workers, and volunteers.

Goals are:

  • Achievement of the best possible quality of life for patients
  • To provide adequate pain relief using evidence based clinical methods of (pharmacological and interventional) pain management and by providing un-interrupted supply of Essential Narcotic Drugs(ENDs) for cancer pain management.
  • To provide good control of symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, anorexia, Fatigue, depression, insomnia, anxiety and to improve health of patient where possible.
  • To improve spiritual and emotional well-being through counseling.
  • To allow meaningful interactions between patients and their family, friends and allow both patients and caregivers to understand and express their feelings at their most difficult time.
  • Sometimes to help them reduce the heavy burden on caregivers through training, respite care or everyday hands-on assistance.
  • To provide basic and specialized training on palliative care to doctors, nursing staffs, community health workers, volunteers and care givers.


Facility Available: Clinical Activities :
Outpatient Services: Room No 103, Time 9.00am to 5.00pm (Mon to Fri) and 9.00am to 1.00pm (Sat).

In-Patient Services: Patients with severe pain and uncontrolled symptom are admitted for better symptom management.

Home care service: The services are provided to patients suffering from cancer those who are home bound, to provide holistic care and improve the quality of patient’s life.

The criteria for selection of patients for home care service are:

  • Who are registered with GCRI
  • Residing within city of Ahmadabad
  • Having greater symptoms burden

  • A qualified doctor, a nurse & medical social worker / counsellor visit at home to work towards improvement of quality of life at home and provide comfort care to patient and his family for clinical assessment, symptomatic treatment and Nursing care.
  • For health education & emotional support to patients and family members.
  • Knowledge to caregivers about preparation of home based mouth wash, Vaseline gauge and bed sore dressing ointment etc.

Hospice service:
We also have facility to admit terminally ill patient to hospice centre to give supportive care to patients and to be comfortable and free of pain, so that they live each day as fully as possible.

Academic activity:

Training Courses in Pain and Palliative Care:

  1. Specialization degree course - MD  Palliative Medicine
  2. One year fellowship in Palliative Medicine
  3. Courses run by Indian Association of Palliative Care

(A) Essentials of Palliative Care “Part A”– A basic course for doctors & Nurses

  • It is a distant learning course
  • Duration of course 8 weeks
  • Contact session – 3 days
  • Starting date – 01 Nov (every year)
  • Registration opens – 1st Week of October
  • Exam at the end of 8 weeks – in 1st week of Jan (every year)
(B) Essentials of Palliative Care “Part B” – A Hands on training in palliative care for doctors and nurses. This can be done only on completion of Essentials of Palliative Care “Part A”. One can become Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP), and can prescribe, procure, store & dispense morphine officially after this course.

One has to attend 10 full days in The department of Palliative Medicine, Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute, Ahmedabad. He/She has to maintain a log book, which will be submitted to IAPC Academic cell and will be issues certificate of attendance.

        4. Course supported by Indo-American Cancer association & Pallium India, Trivendrum

  • Certificate Course in Pain & Palliative Medicine (CCPPM) for doctors
  • Certificate Course in Pain & Palliative Nursing (CCPPN) for Nurses
These are six weeks “Hands On” – Full Time courses for doctors and nurses, conducted by The Department of Palliative Medicine, Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute, Ahmedabad. Tentative months of these courses are as follows.

  • Mar- Apr (Every Year)
  • Sept- Oct (Every Year)

Registration for this course opens almost two months before the course date. One can register as potential candidate for the course, whenever he/she decides to join the course.

      5. Training on Medical use of Essential Narcotic Drugs

A 3-days basic course in pain relief and palliative care, consisting of 20-hour sessions, developed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India is conducted in the department of Palliative Medicine, Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute, Ahmedabad. This is mandatory training for a doctor who wishes to prescribe Morphine or any other Essential Narcotic Drugs in his/her practice. One can join this training anytime, with prior communication with department head.

      6. Training on Basic palliative care to Medical officer and Nursing staff as a part of National Program for Palliative Care. A three days training workshop on Palliative Care have been organized every year by the State Palliative Care Cell, Gujarat at Gujarat Cancer Research Institute, Ahmedabad and Community Oncology Centre, Ahmedabad.

Research Activities :


(1)Management of Malignant Wound Myiasis with Ivermectin, Albendazole, and Clindamycin (Triple Therapy) in Advanced Head & Neck Cancer Patients: A Prospective Observational Study.

(2) Effect of Palliative Care Intervention on Symptom Profile in Head and Neck Cancers: A Prospective Observational Trial
(3) Management of Malignant Fungating Wound in Palliative Care: A Nursing Perspective.
(4) Impact of Early Palliative Care on Quality of Life of Patients with Advanced Stage of Carcinoma Cervix: A Prospective Observational Study.
(5) Magic vaginal douche for severe vaginal mucositis: a case-based approach.

(6) Innovation: A new technique “Home based application of Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block for Head and Neck Cancer pain Management” is developed  and published in Indian Journal of Palliative Care.

(7) A  project “ Radiofrequency ablation of Sphenopalatine Block for Head & Neck Cancer Pain Management”  was supported by Gujarat Cancer Society, in July 2013. The project was completed and published in Indian Journal of Pain.

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