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Hospital Infection Control Committee

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Sr. No.
Dr. Shashank Pandya
Chairman, Director
Dr. Parijath Goswami
Member Secretary, Professor & Head, Microbiology Dept.
Dr. Bhavna Shah
Member, Professor & Head, Anaesthesialogy
Dr. Apurva Patel
Member, Professor, Medical Oncology
Dr. Shilpa Patel
Member, Professor & Head, Gynaec Oncology
Dr. Jayshree Thakker 
Member, Associate Professor, Anaesthesiology


The committee consists of The Secretary, Director and Deputy Director and members of the concerned departments like; Surgical oncology, Medical oncology, Gynaec oncology, Anaesthesia, Pharmacy, Maintenance & Engineering Department.

The main aim of the committee is to have patient safety and patient care. The secretary of the committee lays down the guidelines, implements the day to day activities of the infection control in CSSD, OT, Critical areas like BMT, ICUs and in epidemic of any infections in the hospital. It is also involved in prevention of infections in the Health care workers. Most of the guidelines of infection prevention are followed from the international guidelines of CDC and WHO applicable to GCRI. The committee is involved in active surveillance of OT, ICU, BMT and chemotherapy areas of the hospital. Monthly data on four indicators of HAI are generated giving ongoing suggestions to improve upon infection control activities.

The goal is finally to reduce infections and reduce morbidity and mortality.

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Accredited for ISO 15189
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