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Library Committee

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Sr. No.
Dr. Shashank Pandya
Chairman, Director
Dr. Asha Anand
Professor In-charge, Professor & Head, Medical Oncology
Ms. Nuri Kalita
Member Secretary, Librarian
Mr. Narendrasinh Chavda
Member, Hospital Administrator
Dr. Bhavna Shah
Member, Professor & Head, Anaesthesiology
Dr. Shilpa Patel
Member, Professor & Head, Gynaec Oncology
Dr. Dhaval Jetly
Member, Professor & Head, Pathology Department
Dr. Hitesh Rajpura
Member, Professor & Head, Radiology Department
Dr. U Suryanarayan
Member, Prof. & Head. Radiology Department
Dr. Prabhabhai Patel
Member,  Professor & Head, Cancer Biology
Dr. Dhruti Desai
Member, RMO
Dr. Trupti Trivedi

Member, Senior Scientific Officer & Incharge

                                                                    Clinical Carcinogenesis Lab- 3



The main objective of the Library Committee is to aid in the establishment of a bridge between the Library and the academic fraternity and the institute management. The function of the LC is to support the functioning of the library so that it can facilitate the library development plans by advocating the library modernization, improvement and proper documentation Services .This to act as a channel of communication and dialogue between the Library System and its users.

Meeting Frequency:

The LC shall meet quarterly to review the Library affairs and if necessary more often.

Function of LC:

To guide the Librarian in formulating general library policies and regulations this governs the function of the library.

To provide for proper documentation services and updating the Library collection.

To work towards modernization and improvement of Library and documentation Services.

To formulate policies and procedures for efficient use of Library resources.

To review Library readership dept-wise and adopt measures to enhance readership.

To prepare budget and proposals for the development of the Library.

To recommend to the authorities the fees and other charges for the use of the Library.

To seek feedback on Library functions from readers and take measures to increase the membership of the Library beyond the       boundaries of the Institute

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Diffrent Health Check Up Plans

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