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Mission, Vision & Core Values


The mission of the GCRI is to provide state-ofthe art diagnostic and therapeutic services to the patients of all types of origin and financial background suffering from cancer. Its scope also encompasses registering the tumor burden in the population, prevention through awareness drives, solving local medical problems through research and training of medical students as well as imparting knowledge to the medical fraternity.

To fulfil the mission, GCRI

Conducts OPD and indoor activities for diagnosis, staging, treatment and monitoring disease        progress.

Renders free or subsidized treatment to needy patients without any distinction of caste, creed or       religion.

Provides training to new generation of doctors as well as practicing fraternity.

Offers unique experimental and research-oriented diagnosis and treatment services to test new       forms of diagnosis and therapy in order to improve quality of life and expected survival of those       afflicted with cancer.

Organizes public education programmes, the diagnostic and blood donation camps, conferences and       other scientific meets.

Displays a permanent Cancer Awareness and Anti-tobacco exhibition and arranges other preventive       efforts.

Runs instruction based Hospice Centre, Home-Hospice Services and Rehabilitation Service.



GCRI, with a multi-disciplinary close relationship between cancer care, research and education, intends to provide the greatest hope to the patients and the general population whose needs, we endeavour to cater to. It strives to see that fruits of modern science reach up to the last man. GCRI believes that the world class cancer research, state of art therapeutic efforts and intensive and extensive educational efforts regarding prevention, detection, treatment and palliation in the field of cancer will improve the quality of life of all those who suffer from it. GCRI collaboration believes that with other cancer organisations, research laboratories and pharma-research establishments will bring a better tomorrow.

Core Values

GCRI is dedicated to:

Scientific attitude and humane approach to diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Inquisitiveness, innovation and creativity in the field of research and its translation into day-to-day        clinical applications.

Value oriented as well as information and skill-intensive educational programmes.

Respect to all schools of thoughts and endeavours for free exchange of ideas with due        acknowledgements of contributions by each member of GCRI.

Simple, effective and targeted awareness programmes for prevention as well as early detection of        cancer and anti-tobacco drive directed at the medical profession and population at large.

Providing hope, sympathy and respect to all those who are terminally ill.

“Sometimes money, sometimes wisdom, sometimes social support or sometimes work experience is obtained. One's efforts to alleviate suffering never go un-rewarded.”




OPD Information

NABH Certified

Ethics Committee Accredited for NABH

ISO 15189:2012
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